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Frequently asked questions

What's covered with National Seniors Pet Insurance?

National Seniors Pet Insurance provides up to 80% back on eligible vet fees if your pet becomes ill or injured, up to an annual limit of $12000, less any applicable excess.

We also offer an optional “Tender Loving Care” benefit that allows you to claim up to $100 annually for preventative health care items such as Vaccinations, Microchipping, Heartworm medication and dental cleaning. No excess applies to this cover.

For example, if your approved vet costs come to $1000, you can claim 80% on these costs. This equals $800 less any relevant excess. If, for example, your excess is $100 we will pay you $700 and you will still have $11,300 of your annual limit available for any future claims in the period of insurance.

Is routine care covered?

We offer the option to include our Tender Loving Care (TLC) package. - Include our Tender Loving Care package (TLC) and receive up to $100 each year to put towards

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Microchipping
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Prescription food
  • Vaccinations
  • Health check-ups

How do I make a claim?

Claiming with National Seniors is easy. Call us on 1800 31 94 97 and we will lodge your claim, to assist with processing your claim ensure you have the following:

  • Itemised invoices and receipts
  • Clinical notes from all treating vets
  • Full veterinary history (if this is your first claim)

If we accept your claim, we will pay it back into your bank account less any applicable excess.

Can I insure more than one pet?

You sure can! We offer a multi-pet discount, so you get up to a 5% discount once you’ve insured at least two pets on a policy. You can insure up to 4 pets on the same policy.

What's a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition simply means your pet had an injury or illness (signs, symptoms, treatment or a vet diagnosis) before your first policy with us started.

For more information about pre-existing conditions and whether you can get them covered with National Seniors Pet Insurance, call 1300 50 50 99 or refer to the National Seniors Pet Insurance Product Disclosure Statement

Can I see any veterinarian?

Yes. You can claim your approved vet costs back as long as your vet is currently working and licensed in Australia and willing to provide you with your pet’s treatment history at claims time.

How soon can I use my pet's policy?

You can use your policy from the policy start date. You can claim for an injury that occurred on or after the start date and time of your policy.

There is a 30-day waiting period on claims for illness, and a 6-month waiting period that applies for cruciate ligament conditions or any illness or injuries that results from it.

Are ongoing conditions covered for the life of the pet?

Yes; If we accept your claim, and you renew your policy annually, we will continue to cover up to 80% of any approved vet costs for continuing treatment of that injury or illness. This is restricted to the annual policy limit, and less any applicable excess.

Are there any age limits for the insurance?

Your pet must be aged between 8 weeks and 9 years to take out a National Seniors Pet Insurance Policy. Cover will continue for existing paid policies once your Pet exceeds 9 years of age.

What is an illness?

A medical condition which reduces your pet’s standard of living or normal healthy state.

What is covered under injury?

An injury to your pet caused solely and directly from an accident, not including gradual deterioration damage which occurs over time.

Can I vary my Basic Excess?

You can choose the excess that’s right for you when you set up your policy or at renewal. You can reduce your premium with a higher excess but remember that the excess is what you pay each time you make a claim.

If you make more than one claim for the same illness or injury during the period of insurance, then your excess only applies to your first claim.

Are there any limits to the things I can claim for?

There is an annual limit of up to $12,000 for illness or injury, less any applicable excess.

We also cover emergency boarding costs for your pet up to $1,000 if, for example, you are admitted to a hospital unexpectedly. We pay this benefit on top of your ‘illness and injury cover’.

You can add our optional Tender Loving Care benefit (TLC) and receive up to an annual limit of $100 towards preventative treatments such as annual vaccinations. Please refer to our PDS for what is covered by the Tender Loving Care benefit (TLC).

Premium Discounts

You may be entitled to a premium discount. These will be printed on your Certificate of Insurance.

Premium Discounts
Type of discountWhen it appliesDiscount
Multi Pet discountIf you have 2 or more pets insured with National Seniors Pet InsuranceSave up to 5% on each pet you protect with National Seniors Pet Insurance.
Online discountIf you purchase your National Seniors Pet Insurance policy onlineSave $50 per pet when you purchase National Seniors Pet Insurance online.

We don’t apply any premium discounts we give you to any compulsory government statutory charges, Levies, duties, GST or other taxes that are included in your premium